rsync over SSH

# rsync -avnP -e ‘ssh -i /home/user/.ssh/key’ user@servername.tld:’/srv/dir/’ /home/destination

-a -> archive, an abbreviation for some options like to prserve the set rights

-v -> verbosity, can be increased to vvv

-n -> dry run, shows what rsync would to, without any action

-P -> stands for progress, it restarts the downloads which were started before (source and destination have to be the same)

-e -> execute another program like ssh

ssh -i -> use an identity file (key file) for public key usage

now you may need to decrypt the key with your password and rsync does all the work, but be careful with your pathnames. rsync differentiates between /home/user__ and /home/user_/_. that is why it is recommended to start a dry run before.


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