after i had added the rockbox firmware on my mp3-player wanted to add music on it, my laptop could not mount the device properly.

i had to do a

#sudo /sbin/fsck.vfat -r /dev/sdc

and select the second FAT system. after that i could mount my mp3-player easily. now you need to put all your music into a directory in the root folder, so the database finds them and you can play your songs properly.

although rockbox is a great firmware, which enables my mp3-player to have a lot of more functions than before. you can add themes :>, fonts and games (doom2 alternative :>). another good point is, that i can put my volume as high as i want it and the restriction of the old firmware is gone. also you have full access to the filesystem. before i had several problems with the use of my mp3-player on different pcs. i will test this firmware now for a few weeks and see if it brings me a better duration for a battery charge.

in spite of all the cool features you get with rockbox, it is not avaiable for all player. also it could brick your device, so you cannot use it anymore, be careful though. the installation might not work with the rockbox utility, but the manual way is not hard either. furthermore there is a big wiki-system and forum to get help.


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