this little program chooses the colour temeprature depending on your latitude. so you need to download the binary and put it into a folder, where you want to execute it. now start the program with -l and -g (xflux -l xx -g yy ) and use maps.google.com to get your longitude. just right click on your place and click on “whats here”. normally there should be now two numbers in the search bar (round them up or down and replace the xx and yy). this should do the trick.

now to get it started on a session with your window manager, e.g. lxde. create a folder ~/.config/autostart, if it is not there and put there a desktop-file, e.g. xflux.desktop. you need three basic lines to start it.

[Desktop Entry]
Exec=xflux -l 66 -g 6




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