irssi and znc

irssi is a irc client for the console, it is scriptable and can handle plugins, themes, etc… if the window system is not working for you, it could be a option in the configuration. i found some options which are quite useful.

/set use_status_window yes
/set autocreate_windows yes
/set scroll on
/set theme THEMENAME

the first one creates a window where appear all status messages. also it is good to talk with the irc server, so it will not embarrass you. the second command creates a new window for every channel you join. with scrolling enabled you can go up and down with page up and down. the last one changes a theme to one in your ~/.irssi folder.

to use irc it is very useful to be online all the time. so because that is very hard to accomplish, you could use a bouncer.znc seems to be a very easy to administrate and well documentated option for it. the installation is very easy, the configuration file will be created in a interactive dialog. after the installation is finished. you can connect with your firefox to an administation gui to set all the options on the port you set znc to listen to. a few good modules are e.g. a module for the irc service (nickserv, q..) or awaynick.

after installing both programs you can connect to znc via irssi with

# irssi -c IP/HOSTNAME -p PORT

with /names you can see, who is in the channel.



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