adding a brother multifunction device via cups/sane on arch

To add a brother printer on an arch linux, you need the packages cups, ghostscript, gsfonts, foomatic-filters and arch x86_64 requires lib32-libcups. if you got cups installed, you need to add yourself to the cups admin group in /etc/cups/cupsd.conf. I added the group wheel:

SystemGroup sys root wheel

also you have to download the lpr and cupswrapper files from the brother driver page. if you take the .deb-files, you have to extract them via

# ar x *cupswrapper*.deb
# tar xfz *.gz

for both. or you can take the .rpm-files and use the package “” to extract these. then you need to change the location of cups in the cupswrapper script. cups is on arch in /etc/rc.d/cupsd not /etc/init.d/cups. now put the extracted files in your system, e.g.

# cp -r /path/to/extract/dir/usr/ /usr/
# cp -r /path/to/extract/dir/opt/ /opt/

now you can start the cupswrapper script as root. after cups was restarted, you can see on http://localhost:631 under “administration>manage printers” your printer. but it is installed for an usb connection. if you got network access, you need to modify the printer and use the option “other network printers>LPD/LPR Host or Printer”. there you need to write lpd:///BINARY_P1 , it did not worked with a dns name for me. in the next step press modify printer and try to print something.

to add the scanner, you need to install the brscan[1-4] package, which is suitable for your device via aur (makepkg -s, pacman -U *tar.xz). then execute (scanner model could be DCP-770CW)

# /usr/local/Brother/sane/setupSaneScan[1-4] -i
# brsaneconfig[1-4] -a name=SCANNERNAME model=SCANNERMODEL ip=IPADDRESS

You can test if your printer is now know via

# scanimage -L



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